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 Questions regarding security

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PostSubject: Questions regarding security    Questions regarding security  Icon_minitimeTue Nov 29, 2011 8:31 am

As for the admins of this forum, along with the moderators,we cannot see your password for this forum.

Also, we cannot see any private messages sent between players through this forum.

Having said that, when a member or friend creates an account on this forum, it is suggested you use a different password than you do in the game RuneScape.

Never give anyone your password for the game or this forum--there really is no need to do that.

General security tips for RuneScape:

--never give your password out

--be reluctant to tell how much money you have in your bank and what high level items you have (don't make yourself a target)
-if someone asks to know how much money or what high level items you have, ask them why they want to know--most often they either want to sell or buy something; but sometimes it is to target someone to hack their account

--change your password for RuneScape every 3 months or so (you can change your bank pin, too)

Password tips:

--make it something unique and personal to you
--use an acronym
--for example: take the sentence: "I like to eat cereal" can become " il2ec "
--use a loved-one's or famous person's initials and birthdate or special date
--for example: bec080266

Bank Pin tips:
--you can only use numbers for this, so:
--use a relative's or famous person's month and day
--for example: 0726
--take a four letter word (or the first 4, last 4, or middle 4 letters of a word) & convert it to numbers using your cell phone dial pad
--for example: love turns to 5683

Bank pin and password for the game:
--make them different

In this way, if your game account falls into the wrong hands (any but your own), they won't get far with it.
This gives you a chance to recover your account with a better chance of your bank account and house left in-tact.

So have fun and be safe Very Happy
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Questions regarding security
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