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PostSubject: Rules of this clan   Rules of this clan Icon_minitimeMon Nov 28, 2011 8:58 pm

Our clan is "rules lite" and we pretty much intend to keep it that way.

Big thing . . . just be nice.

Not necessarily a rule, but more of a suggestion.

There is enough stress, drama, and craziness in the world. We don't need it here in the clan.

Runescape is a game . . . a way to have fun, relax, and even unwind from your day.

Let's keep it that way--at least in the clan. Very Happy

So . . . THE RULES . . .

In clan chat (and this forum):

Streamlined version

None of the following:
• NO Sexual and/or pornographic content
• NO Hateful or abusive content
• NO Defamatory content and / or affecting the integrity of a person
• NO Sale or exchange of medication that requires a prescription from a
licensed practitioner, or medicines without prescription / drugs and any
other illicit substance
• NO Copyright infringement / hacking
• NO Spam / phishing / malware
• NO Credit card fraud

No talk about drug use or how trashed you may be from drinking.
No homophobic remarks. (We are welcoming to the GLTB community.)
No racist remarks.
No sexist or misogynistic remarks.
No bullying or ganging up on players male or female.

No player names reflecting the following (even if the name is your favorite band):
a) Drug use
b) Sex acts
c) Homophobic and/or racist

We will ask you to change your player's name in order to stay in the clan.

Follow Jagex rules; this includes no botting.

Names on the forums need to either be the same or close to your player name in the game.

If you won't be playing for awhile, please post that in our 'away' section or tell one of the clan leaders.

New members joining the clan must be 18 years old or older. The exception to this rule is someone under 18 personally vouched for by a current member of the clan. There is a two (2) week probation period for new members.

People will be removed from the clan due to being inappropriate or bad.

The other way to be removed is to disappear for 4 to 6 months without saying a word to one of our leaders or not posting it in the "Away" section of our forums. If we know what's going on, like computer problems, moving, increased work schedule, more homework, sickness, etc then you're fine as long as we know, you know.

These rules are subject to change, as time and experience show us better ways to do things around here. Surprised

Expanded version of the rules: (what did they mean by that?)

1. Off-limit topics, remarks, and other such cc and forum ramblings.
a) Drugs, drug use. Zero tolerance policy here. Je and I have both had pretty negative experiences in this area, we come here to relax, we just don't want to hear it. Also at this time, this is an all ages clan, and we feel it's the clan's responsibility to set an appropriate tone. Alcohol is legal, and can be mentioned, but let's please avoid any "I got so trashed last night" conversations. We know there are people who might disagree, and probably many clans would welcome them. This is not one of them.

b) Homophobic remarks. We are welcoming to the GLTB community, and all will be free to express who and what they are without fear. If the comment is bad enough, we will go right to kicking/banning member without warning.

c) Racist remarks. This includes comments about country of origin. Again, all are welcome, this is a safe spot. See b for our policy.

d) Sexist remarks. No calling any woman here the "B", "C", or any other such word. Again, this is up to our trusted mods, if it's bad enough, it might warrant a kick/ban without warning. Otherwise there will be a warning. There will not be a second warning. This extends to our male members not being insulted either.

e) Over the top remarks about sex.

2. Other topics that might cause problems, and our current policy on them:
At this time, we are going to allow discussion on topics such as politics, religion, and such. Hopefully they can be discussed in a respectful way. We might have to change this rule if emotions run too strong.

3. Bullying, insulting, 'ganging up' on a player.

If we see it, again a warning or a kick/ban if bad enough. If we don't see it, please let a mod know. If anyone feels that it is a clan founder/mod that is bothering them, please let us know privately, and we will do our best to resolve the situation.

***We want to empathize that the clan leaders will hold themselves to the highest level of respect to all the players here. Many of us recently came from a clan that believed the leaders/officers held special privileges, such as insulting other players, mocking them, calling them names and so on. The Mysticals were in a clan before that where the founders would get drunk while playing and then become profane and insulting to the other players. THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN HERE EITHER IN CC OR THE FORUM. This clan is founded upon mutual respect for all players, and we truly appreciate that you chose Dragons Land as your RS home. The founders/mods of Dragons Land are the trusted servants of all here, we are not tyrants demanding minions.***

4. Player names: We do not allow player names that reflect
a) Drug use
b) Sex acts
c) Homophobic and/or racist
Our policy is that someone with a name like this can join, but must agree to change their name as soon as they can. If they don't, they will be kicked. The clan leaders will decide if a name falls into this category.

5. Private messages and problems with fellow clan members.
Please bring any issues to the clan mods. Actions will be decided on a case-to-case basis. As our members are mature, and have known each other for a while, we are not anticipating too many problems.

6. No botting! You will be kicked/banned.
7. Follow Jagex's rules.

8. Post if you are going away.
If you won't be playing for awhile, please post that in our 'away' section. This is a courtesy we ask of those who have registered on this forum. This way we won't be wondering what happened to you. lol

9. Age requirement to join the clan.
New members joining the clan must be 18 years old or older. The exception to this rule is someone under 18 personally vouched for by a current member of the clan. The people just need to know each other--a vouch does not need to be formally posted.

10. Probation for new members.
Also, there is a two (2) week probation period for new members. There will be no formal announcement that the probation is over. Just the fact that you are still with us past two weeks means that you have passed your probation period.

11. Being a Troll.
Don't be a Troll. Trollish behaviour includes, but is not limited to:

-trying to destroy the clan;
-trying to pit one clan member against another in arguments;
-telling someone something and then telling another person something else in order to start arguments and drama;
-lying; and
-any behavior that generally causes drama and discord amongst the clan.

12. Removal from the clan.
Having said that, people will only be removed from the clan due to being inappropriate or bad. This also includes being a troll.

All of these rules are easy to follow, and all are designed for the safety and well-being of our members. Very Happy

The "Legal Notice" section . . . they are our rules too.

So . . . just be nice.

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Rules of this clan
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